Tuesday, 10 September 2013


It s been too long since i was last here. Loads have happened this summer and most of them haven't been too pleasant. The most important one was Alexi being ill for pretty much all July.
This happened at the same time as me starting work which didn't help matters much. 

Basically the second week Alexi was in the nursery he started having a temperature. That continued for another day before i took him to the gp who casually said it might be "just" a virus and gave us a urine test. The one that is the bag for those of you out there who had them. So we waited all weekend and the temperature didn't seem to go away and conjunctivitis also appeared. On Monday i stayed home to look after Alexi and went to the gp again who also said "just" a virus. Tuesday we got the results from the urine test which showed an infection so got antibiotics which didn't work. And then at the end of the week he had a rash so i took him to the hospital after following my friends advice who is a pediatrician but in a different city.  

There we did another urine test only to be told that the first one is not accurate and quite predictably the second test didn't show an infection. The doctor that saw my son said he had tonsillitis and i insisted we saw a pediatrician to get a second opinion as his tonsils didn't explain the rash. The pediatrician said the same gave us another bottle of antibiotics and sent us home. I was told by my friend to have a blood test but nobody want to know. So after many hours of me insisting and then denying we went home. 

Sunday comes and the temperature was higher than ever at which stage i called the hospital and insisted we went. My friend said it is likely to be glandular fever syndrome and after all this the last doctor that saw him in the hospital said the same thing. So after they did a blood test (which i almost had to fight for) they kept him for a week. 

They did all sorts of tests that week to check for pneumonia and the virus that is causing glandular fever to which he tested negative and then they told us that if they didn't find the virus they would do a bone marrow test to check for leukemia.  It was so sad. I was in the hospital by myself and Alexi and Chris was stuck at home with sore throat and being sick and cried and cried. At that stage mum decided to come to Greece for support. 

That Friday they found the virus from a nose swab they did and let us go. It was adenovirus. But Alexi wasn't well for another 2 weeks really. In the mean time i got it and was ill with sore throat and ear infection. 
Aexi wasn't well for a month pretty much and had lost so much weight. 

I was angry with that nobody spotted it and everybody were talking about it as "just" a virus for weeks. I had to spent 3 weeks giving Alexi medication every 2 to 3 hours and worrying sick cos in the end he had apnea and he couldn't open his eyes from the conjunctivitis.  One of the gps even said that i had to book a separate appointment to have him checked for his conjuctivitis when i mentioned it during a consultation. 

My boy is now well but i am still angry.... Has anybody else got a similar experience?