Friday, 5 July 2013


Last month we were really busy and this is the reason for my online disappearance. I had to organise Alexi's christening in Greece! Everything had to happen at the last minute because Chris's mum was in a really difficult situation and couldn't commit to coming. She didn't make it in the end. Apart from this the bureaucracy both from the English and the Greek side was a complete nightmare. Luckily we got over all these obstacles and the christening took place on the set time and date and was a really happy and lovely event!

Christenings in Greece are a bit like a wedding. They symbolize the naming of a child and the whole ceremony is very pagan. I found the ceremony quite cathartic and i have to admit i did cry a little bit. The ceremony consists of a blessing and then the ceremonial baptism with oil and water. Baptism's original aim was purification. The very word means a rite of washing/purifying with water. This may have been vital for survival once upon a time especially performed after birth as it cleans the baby from the impurities of the womb. This later was used to symbolise rebirth through religion. To us it is a ceremony of welcoming a baby to our culture together with the party that follows are a way of celebrating the birth of a child.

Alexi, me and Chris
Christenings same as weddings also require  organisation, planning and sophistication in the decor and everything else. Most Greek christenings have over 100 guests and in Crete sometimes over 1000! Greeks know how to celebrate the happy events of one's life! We had only 50 but we took good care of them!

The beginning of the ceremony
It is amazing how these events come together nicely in the end if everybody wants to help. We didn't have a venue but the photographer suggested  this lovely place. A proper old fashioned taverna with a garden full of mulberry and lemon trees. Mum negotiated a lovely price and dad threw in a few liters of home made greek raki which sealed the deal. My friends helped with the translations of birth certificates and all the bureaucracy and before you know it we had a fantastic night!
The "dance" around the font

Alexi, M(um) and the bond girls
Me, my sister and godmother, my brother and my sister-in-law
My cousin, dad, me and sis-in-law

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