Sunday, 26 May 2013

My flapjack recipe

It is the last few loooong unpaid  days of my maternity so now i am going through the cupboards trying to find good healthy food. I am not going to do crisps and rubbish just because i am not very rich at the moment.

My diet is not particularly out there. I am not a vegetarian though i usually eat veggie food at functions, i am certainly no vegan and (even though i tried) I don't do diets anymore. My diet is a good Mediterranean diet with English and travel influences.

Since my family is from Crete i have learned to cook following the main Cretan principles ie using loads of olive oil that my dad makes, small quantities of meat, fish and dairy (i have milk intolerance anyway), loads of veggies and fruit (including horta ie wild greens) and loads of carbs and bread and sugar but only the wholemeal and brown version or honey. The English diet has a lot of nice recipes but loads of saturated fat so where possible we replace these with olive oil. 

Anyway, today's venture was making flapjack so here is the recipe i follow: 

100 gr of butter
100 gr of olive oil
350 to 400 gr of oats (depending how soft you want it)
200 gr of golden syrup or honey
200 gr of brown sugar

Poppy's flapjack


Thursday, 23 May 2013

May Day

In Greece it is traditional to make a wreath on May Day. Remnant of the pagan days tradition but we still do it and it is still fun! This is our own in Leeds!

May Day wreath
We keep the wreath until St John's day and then the wreath is thrown into a bonfire. Boys used to leap over the fire and stayed out until late. This name day is around the summer solstice period so one can see how Christianity has adapted in Greece.

Does anybody know where else this tradition is being practiced?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Alexander's birthday

Today is a great day! It is my Alexander's first birthday! We had a lovely day with home-made cake and sandwiches and loads of presies and some close friends! (our house is a mess after putting a new floor in the living room, that is another post altogether!!)

Alexander was so happy apart from the time he had to blow the candle where he got scared by the fire or by me taking the dummy off him. 

Happy birthday my lovely boy! I love you!

You can see our house in the back being a building site.

Birthday cake! Bit pink for a boy but May is the beginning of strawberry season!