Thursday, 28 March 2013

Life after a baby

As some of you may know about 11 months ago I gave birth to a wonderful boy after a lot of effort, and since then my life has changed in an amazing and unexpected fashion!

Alexi and me outside mum's house in Athens
I absolutely adore being a mum but I had to give up loads ... like my figure for starts (IVF takes a toll on your figure and mental health for that matter), ad hoc luxuries like cappuccinos, various magazines to kill time, the latest fashion garments and a lot of material enjoyment of any sort. Up to now giving up these things came naturally as I was at home taking care of my treasure two to three sizes bigger than usually and no time to kill.

Now that Alexander is here, I want to spend my time showing him the world, nature, cooking nice healthy food for him, teaching him how to be a good man. I wish I were rich and brave enough to try the complete unschooling/ home schooling experience but I will do what I can, one step at a time.

So after careful consideration I decided to go back to work 3 days a week and not full time. Reading a book by Steve Biddulph (Raising boys) was an eye opener (he advocates boys should not be cared for exclusively by a nursery until they are a bit more mature) and though I cannot completely be a  stay at home mum for many reasons (most of them financial), I never believed that putting a one year old in a nursery full time and being a part time mum is a brilliant idea. I also never thought it would be so hard to leave my child even for an hour!

Having said all that, with 2/5s of my not massive salary forever gone providing for baby Alexander and myself is going to be hard. (Of course dad will help but we will all experience my salary cut). So the real challenge will start now as I am going back to work part time. Will I make it without sacrificing the odd trip to Greece to see my parents and without dressing Alexander like Oliver Twist??

Me and Alexander in Monastiraki in Athens
I was never that much materialistic. I mean as a no attachments care free person I liked my cappuccinos and a new dress from time to time but neither my salary was ever big enough (my salary is another blog post altogether) to allow me to get designer this and designer that, nor am I that sort of person. Let's say I was always a bohemian kind of person with some bad habits.

I know some changes will need to take place but I am happy to see where this journey takes me and I want to share it with everyone that might be in the same or similar situation! So this blog is going to be a trip into my daily life, what I do, what I cook, how I spent my days with baby Alexi. Oh! we are also doing the house up because we are trying to make space for one more bedroom now that we lost our guest room (if you have kids and renovating a house you know it's hard work!) You might find new tips, recipes, art, decorating and shopping ideas for an imaginary life with kids. Let's see how it goes!